Nick Mason & Ecurie Bertelli

Learning to drive

“I learnt to drive in a Morris 1000,” says Nick. “I also owned an Austin Seven Chummy at the time. It was the car which taught me about basic mechanics, about the engine and how cars work. But quite often the brakes didn’t work! After that, when we lived in Highgate, I bought an Aston Martin International, for £150.”

The flat in Highgate’s Stanhope Gardens was where Pink Floyd had their first formative rehearsals and performances.

“I remember the house quite clearly,” says Nick. “The hood of my Aston Martin International might still be buried in the garden.”


Ecurie Bertelli and Nick Mason

Business was started in 1976 by Nick Mason, Derrick Edwards and Judy Hogg, known as ‘Morntane Engineering’. Soon ‘Morntane Engineering’ established an international reputation for high quality restorations of vintage Bertelli Aston Martins. As Mason and Edwards raced their Aston Martin Ulsters with great success, also race and rally preparation became an important part of the business. Andy Bell started ‘Morntane’ in 1977 and eventually bought the business as ‘Ecurie Bertelli’ in 1992

MOTOR SPORT visits a North London haven for pre-War Aston Martins

1978 Nick Mason

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